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4 Secrets To Design Your Custom Tailored Suit


Gone are the days when suits and blazers were only treated as formal attire. Today, suits are more about an expression of fashion and gives a classy look. However, too many men wear suit improperly and therefore they don’t look as good as they can. The reason is ready-made suits and blazers, which are often […]

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Design a suit that stands out.


Everyone likes to stand out from the crowd once in a while, and when it comes to making an impression in a business set up it is even more desirable. The mere mention of a business environment builds up this imaginary scenario of men walking around the office clad in suits, isn’t it? However buying […]

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Book a Bespoke Tailoring Appointment in Dubai


Gone are the days where only women were considered fashion conscious. Today, men around the world are equally updated with the latest fashion trends.  This awareness has led to an increase in bloggers who share style tips related to clothes, hair, and makeup. Having said that, many of you will agree with the fact that, […]

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How To Suit Up In Three Piece Suit

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A true debonair always looks into his closet and picks out the perfect clothes that would maintain his personality. For this, his choice is always the one which carries the ‘gentleman-like’ aura of god among men. And what else could better fit this perfect fashion than the three piece suit which appeals to almost every […]

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How to wear your vest right.


Why do you need to go vest? Do you fancy wearing suits to your business meetings or other events? However wearing a suit in a country like India which has warm climatic conditions around the year could be quite uncomfortable. So what should you wear to that very important business meeting? How can you make […]

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Winter suits guide for the gentlemen


The harbingers of winter have arrived and it is time you switched your cool linen, chambray and cotton suits for some hotter varieties. You need to choose fabrics that let you look sharp while still enduring the dip in mercury. Now, add some style and creativity to your winter ensembles and stay warm all through […]

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Why Fit Matters When Choosing a Suit


Even a very dashing and dapper looking suit can chuck you if it does not fit you well, no kidding. Let us look at it this way, a badly tailored suit is like that woman who was great but you guys did not go well together. In relationships, you cannot change this unfortunate situation but […]

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Top Five Reasons – Why a Custom Made Suit is better than a Readymade Suit


When you walk into a men’s suit shop with plentiful choices of apparel, you’d be tempted to purchase the readymade suits. However, these ten reasons why custom suits are better than readymade ones will make you ditch the readymade suits for custom suits.                   Precise Fittings When […]

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What to Wear to a Job Interview


Job interviews add a buildup of stress over everyone, but no interviewer can underestimate your skills when you sparkle with smartness and confidence. Being well dressed is another vital factor of interviewing for a job, whether it’s a white collar stock market job or a high position as an engineer. Dressing well means taking some […]

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Wedding suits – A style guide that will suit one and all!


The festive season and the wedding season, both fall on very much the same time! The people who are ready to tie a knot have been on a lookout to buy a wedding suit that adds to their personality and make a style statement at the same time. Take a look at the style guide […]

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