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Why Fit Matters When Choosing a Suit


Even a very dashing and dapper looking suit can chuck you if it does not fit you well, no kidding. Let us look at it this way, a badly tailored suit is like that woman who was great but you guys did not go well together. In relationships, you cannot change this unfortunate situation but […]

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Top Five Reasons – Why a Custom Made Suit is better than a Readymade Suit


When you walk into a men’s suit shop with plentiful choices of apparel, you’d be tempted to purchase the readymade suits. However, these ten reasons why custom suits are better than readymade ones will make you ditch the readymade suits for custom suits.                   Precise Fittings When […]

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What to Wear to a Job Interview


Job interviews add a buildup of stress over everyone, but no interviewer can underestimate your skills when you sparkle with smartness and confidence. Being well dressed is another vital factor of interviewing for a job, whether it’s a white collar stock market job or a high position as an engineer. Dressing well means taking some […]

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Wedding suits – A style guide that will suit one and all!


The festive season and the wedding season, both fall on very much the same time! The people who are ready to tie a knot have been on a lookout to buy a wedding suit that adds to their personality and make a style statement at the same time. Take a look at the style guide […]

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Book your personal stylist


Not very long ago when ready-made garments had still not made it into the market, everybody had their own personal tailors. Getting clothes stitched was an entirely different experience. From thorough hunting of the fabric to the choice of one’s tailor, it was all an intimate process. Getting one’s clothes stitched was a matter of […]

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Tips to Dress Well and Look Good


Your clothes are the reflection to your personality. A good-looking outfit is what allures looks of admiration and enviousness when you walk down the street. Nowadays, even men are learning the language of fashion and style.   Here are some tips to dress like a real man.   Maintain your Clothes Get an experienced cleaner. […]

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In today’s digital era, e-commerce businesses are spreading rapidly. Online shopping has brought a revolution in the shopping habits of the people around the world. And fashion shopping shares the majority of online shopping. Though, still there are a small section of customers who are conservative to shop online and pay online, most people find […]

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Does it happen quite often with you, that you are sprinting towards your favorite store to fetch some nice looking suits for you and it suddenly dawns upon you after doing the rounds of around 15 stores that these suits are just not meant for you? Or it might be you spot a beautiful dress […]

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A good fit of a garment is very important. A good fit enhances the fabric, texture and style of the garment. The fit of an outfit can reshape the look of your body making you appear fatter, thinner, taller or shorter.  While keeping all other factors in consideration, a proper fitting should be given the most […]

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A perfectly crafted outfit looks stylish and luxurious, drapes beautifully, fits every inch of your body correctly and feels comfortable to wear. Bespoke tailoring is as much about the right fit and design, as about the fabric that should hold up to make for a lasting style. Your bespoke outfit can be designed and styled in […]

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